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A mesmerizing pool game MODS

Pool Break is a set of games containing several differences of Pool, Billiards, Snooker, Crokinole as well as Carrom games. The occupied screen 3D visuals are remarkable and the astrophysics is realistic and precise. If you play in contradiction of the processor or against any android, iPad or iPhone users online, the action is flat and fast paced.

Try to pool break lite

With a load of mod games and number of fast paced act, Pool Break will save the most veteran pro frolicking well into a night. Its accurate 3D graphics and lined shot leaders help you to line up your shot as well as modify the gunfire angle, and understand where the shot is just going to land and in this way facilitates streaking yourself up for the next move.

Mod Info:

Allows replay of winning shot after game over

Stability improvements and bug fixes

Added Leaderboards and Achievements

Fixed Spanish translation issues

Minor bug fixes


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