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A new journey with pokedata MODS

This is the unofficial mod game that aims to provide you the utmost delightful user knowledge you could envisage. People are always attending to response to enhance the App containing adding extra data and fresh features. If you want to know more about this game you have to go through the basic feature of this game.

Know about the features

Beautifully designed user interface

Filled Pokédex along with all 721 Pokémon as well as their forms

Thorough info about Pokémon containing their procedures and the changes they can acquire

Information and lists about aptitudes, moves, and characters

Simple and easy searching and filtering Pokédex

Mod Info:


Improved learnset comparison UI

Minor performance optimizations


Complete evolution details

View moves that Pokémon can learn from ORAS versions

Auto loading of the moves tab

Bug fixes


Huge database improvements: MUCH faster loading with more accurate data and quicker updates in the future

– Basic evolution data: view Pokémon of the same evolution family

Search Pokemon names in any language

Design improvements, and many other improvements


A new journey with pokedata MODS COMMENTS