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Hidemock, an excellent game for your processor MODS

Hide Mock place is Xposed Module that hides info only about ‘Allow mock locations’ setting allowed to selected applications. User has to choose amongst two certain modes of blocking such as blacklist mode or whitelist mode. In whitelist mode all applications see this allow mock place setting as a disabled, excluding for chosen by the user that are immune to setting spoofing. In blacklist mode all applications see ‘Allow mock locations’ factual setting, excluding for some apps selected by user that see ‘Allow mock locations’ location as disabled. The game is extremely challenging so, before starting this game you have to know about all the complete features of it.

Mod info: Hide Mock Location 1.3

Hide Mock: Settings window

Hide or show icon launcher feature

Google Play White list services mode

Fix problem with checking ‘Allow Mock Locations’ in developer settings

* Minor changes with detecting Xposed part of app.

1.1: Removes bug, which occurs on certain ART devices. It was preventing application from detecting Xposed Module (via self hook), which was reason of invalid “Xposed module disabled” view in application.

1.0.1: Fixes log spamming with ClassNotFoundException

1.0: Initial release


Hidemock, an excellent game for your processor MODS COMMENTS