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Summoners War MODS

The name of the game is enough to give you a hint about the genre of the game. If you love action plays then the Summoners War will definitely make you satisfied. This game is full of different kinds of monsters. There are 800 monsters and the player will meet different challenges in wind, dark, water and fire. This mod allows the player to assemble a monster team. There are some grounds to give your monsters extra powers and abilities. You can earn them by playing skillfully to make a stronger monster team. This interesting battling can give you an extraordinary satisfaction and this version is higher from the old application.


Mod info:

v1:God Mode + Dumb Enemies, No Root detected, No Cheats Detected

V2: Damage x1800

God Mode + Dumb Enemies

No Root detected

No Cheats Detected

V3: Damage x2800, God Mode + Dumb Enemies, No Root detected, No Cheats Detected

v4:Always it is your turn (enemies never attack)

v5:Always it is your turn, Damage x1800

v6: Always it is your turn, Damage x2800